The Inner Life of Changemakers

New session starting the week of February 1, 2021

“The Inner Life of Changemakers provided me with a space to talk about my frustrations as a young changemaker— frustrations that, due to my age, many have neglected. This group made me feel heard, understood, and inspired. Through the insightful perspectives of other members of my generation, I learned a lot about the world and myself. The Inner Life of Changemakers was a reminder of the real purpose behind change-making.”

S., high school junior

Are you between the ages of 14 and 18 and seeking to make positive change when it comes to many of the pressing issues we face today?

Are you interested in considering what characteristics of the mind and heart have motivated past and current changemakers? Are you looking to actively cultivate your own inner world and wisdom to increase your impact, health and the sustainability of your involvement?

Join us for The Inner Life of Changemakers. This twelve-week group experience will explore qualities of the inner world and the role they play in making positive change. When it comes to changemaking, a direct correlation exists between impact and actively cultivating the inner world. And yet, too often we focus on the visible process and mechanics of making change and neglect the place where all our action begins: from within our hearts and minds. 

Together, we will explore topics like hope, burnout, motivation, the power of words and intentional conversation, systems theory and intersectionality, courage and vulnerability, accountability, critical thinking, joy and more. The bulk of our exploration will occur in weekly, discussion-focused meetings, with light reading assignments in-between. We will draw upon the insight and wisdom of prior changemakers and look directly to the way in which they addressed their inner world and its connection to their work making change. 

This group will meet remotely beginning the week of February 1. Meetings will occur once a week in the late afternoon (after school). The group will be polled to identify the best meeting day and time. 

During COVID-19, this group is offered free-of-charge. If you are interested in joining the group or have any questions, reach out to Johannah at Thank you!

“This group was a great opportunity to think and discuss; emotions, feelings, societal norms, and change. The group really ties in everything from day-to-day struggles as a youth activist to systemic problems within the U.S. and worldwide.”

G., high school sophomore

About the facilitator
Johannah Blackman has been involved in changemaking since her high school years, working with nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and as an activist and advocate. She holds an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a graduate degree in counseling psychology and has been involved in contemplative practices for over a decade. Johannah founded and codirected Youth Theater Speak with the New Surry Theatre – a unique model of improvisational theater that provides teen participants with a channel for both reflection and expression of current issues within their communities. Johannah is a founding member of A Climate to Thrive and recently founded Generation on the Edge, a platform exploring how best to support young people as they grow into a world with climate change.

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