Motherhood in a time of Climate Crisis
A supportive group experience

Starts online on November 8, 2020

For more information or to sign up for the group, please email Johannah at Participants need not attend every gathering. The group will likely meet from 2:00-3:30 EST on the first Sunday of each month, with the exact time to be determined by participants.

So many of us feel it: the conflicting interplay of emotions that characterize life as a mother during this time of climate crisis. We experience love, hope, pride and purpose as we witness the growth of our children and celebrate each new discovery. We experience anxiety, grief, fear and more as we watch wildfires rage, droughts deepen and species disappear forever. 

This complex mixture of emotions is a lot to hold. And underneath it all, many of us are asking: What can I do? Our protective, proactive, powerful mothering instincts beckon us to roll up our sleeves and get to work, fighting for our children’s future. But how? We already carry oversized loads, those of women balancing careers and motherhood in a society that does not prioritize the work of a mother. How do we add saving the world into the mix?

We sense that a clock is ticking. And this can be terrifying, as we look into the eyes of the children we love and feel that clock’s presence. 

We need each other right now. We always have – the practice of coming together as mothers to share our stories and feelings and support each other is as ancient as our species and probably older. But we really need each other right now. We need a space to speak to the often overwhelming experience of being a mother in this moment. 

This group is a rallying cry to circle around and support each other. Sometimes we might talk about action and solutions, hearing each other into the powerful agents of change that we are. Oftentimes we’ll “just” share and listen, providing understanding and a space to voice feelings that need speaking. 

I hope you will join us! More than ever, it is important that we know we are not alone. 

About the group:

This group is for mothers of all ages – from expectant mothers to great-grandmothers – who have been thinking and feeling about the unique experience of being a mother at a time of climate crisis and would like to be in community with other mothers doing the same. No specific knowledge of climate change is required. 

In the group, we will share, listen and support each other. We will ask and attempt to answer questions. Occasionally, when the group desires, we will consider actions to take, both individually and collectively. But, most importantly, we will support each other in the wild experience of motherhood in this moment. 

This group will start on November 8 (anyone feel the need for a little post-election support?!), and in following months, the group will meet on the first Sunday of each month, likely from 2:00-3:30 EST with the exact meeting time to be determined collectively by participants. The group is free and open to all with donations to further the work of Generation on the Edge gratefully accepted. Group members need not attend every month’s meeting. 

If you are interested in participating, please contact Johannah at Thank you!

About the facilitator:

Johannah Blackman holds a masters degree in counseling psychology and has facilitated groups for a wide range of ages. She has been a climate advocate and organizer for over a decade and has specifically studied, written and spoken about the emotions of climate change and communication about the climate crisis. In 2015, Johannah helped found and launch A Climate to Thrive, a grassroots organization working for energy independence for Mount Desert Island in Maine. She currently serves as Chair of the organization. In 2020, Johannah launched Generation on the Edge to explore how best to support young people in preparing for a future with climate change. Johannah has two children, ages four and one. In addition to her work on Generation on the Edge, you can read her reflections on motherhood and more at Considered Days

The Inner Life of Changemakers

October – December, 2020

Are you between the ages of 14 and 18 and seeking to make positive change when it comes to many of the pressing issues we face today?

Are you interested in considering what characteristics of the mind and heart have motivated past and current changemakers? Are you looking to actively cultivate your own inner world and wisdom to increase your impact, health and the sustainability of your involvement?

Join us for The Inner Life of Changemakers. This twelve-week group experience will explore qualities of the inner world and the role they play in making positive change. When it comes to changemaking, a direct correlation exists between impact and actively cultivating the inner world. And yet, too often we focus on the visible process and mechanics of making change and neglect the place where all our action begins: from within our hearts and minds. 

Together, we will explore topics like hope, burnout, motivation, the power of words and intentional conversation, systems theory and intersectionality, courage and vulnerability, accountability, critical thinking, joy and more. The bulk of our exploration will occur in weekly, discussion-focused meetings, with light reading assignments in-between. We will draw upon the insight and wisdom of prior changemakers and look directly to the way in which they addressed their inner world and its connection to their work making change. 

This group will meet remotely beginning the week of September 21. Meetings will occur once a week in the late afternoon (after school). The group will be polled to identify the best meeting day and time. 

This is a pilot program and is consequently offered free-of-charge. If you are interested in joining the group or have any questions, reach out to Johannah at Thank you!

About the facilitator

Johannah Blackman has been involved in changemaking since her high school years, working with nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and as an activist. She holds an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a graduate degree in counseling psychology and has been involved in contemplative practices for over a decade. Johannah founded and codirected Youth Theater Speak with the New Surry Theatre – a unique model of improvisational theater that provides teen participants with a channel for both reflection and expression of current issues within their communities. Johannah is a founding member of A Climate to Thrive and recently founded Generation on the Edge, a platform exploring how best to support young people as they grow into a world with climate change.

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