What You Can Do – About this section

Supporting young people as they develop the tools needed to face a world with climate change is certainly some of the most important work of the moment. Raising conscious, empowered, creative and kind human beings who hold deep respect for the rest of the natural world and fully appreciate the interconnection of all living things is essential work if life as we know it is to stand a chance. 

And yet, decisions and actions made in the next decade will decide the future just as much. If we are to leave a livable planet to the young people we love, the time is now to change how we ourselves live, individually and collectively. Therefore, we must find ways to act now, to shift human society to a sustainable lifestyle rooted in respect for the natural world. 

Furthermore, we cannot hope to empower the young people in our lives to make a positive difference if we ourselves are not engaged in that work. Remember, young people learn through watching what we do, as much as anything else. We are their models, and model we must. 

This section explores actions you can take, decisions you can make and work you can do support the individual and collective shifts that are required if we are to give our children the gift of a livable future. Posts also dive into the recurring questions of whether individual action truly matters, who is to blame for the climate crisis, and where we should focus our efforts.

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