Curriculum Resources

Here are a few resources I’ve stumble across in my research – the list will continue to grow!

Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN)collection of over 700 resources tested by educators available for use in secondary through higher education classrooms.

Drawdown LearnProject Drawdown’s educational initiative with resources for teachers and an online network of educators.

Alliance for Climate Educationaward winning resource “Our Climate, Our Future”, educate young people about climate change and empower them to make a difference

Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education – Developed by educator Jamie P. Cloud, provides resources and trainings to help schools and their communities implement sustainable initiatives, empowering students in the process.

A People’s Curriculum for the EarthEdited by Bill Bigelow & Tim Swinehart, this book is well reviewed by some leading climate thinkers and has an impressive list of contributors. I’ve ordered a copy and will update this review once I’ve finished reading! 

How should climate change be taught in schools across America? – A great article from ensia that explores current trends and possibilities.

Climate change education for sustainable development – UNESCO’s climate change initiative, the paper explores the importance of climate education with a particular focus on reaching developing countries. 

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