Resources for exploring anti-racism and climate change, on your own and with young people.

As our country reverberates with a deep, long overdue reckoning with structural racism, I wanted to share resources I’ve found useful in this moment on several fronts: as a white person examining my participation in structural racism, as a white mother engaging in conversations about race with my children and as a climate activist considering the intersections of climate change, climate justice and anti-racism. 

I hope you find these resources useful. I’d love to hear about any resources you’ve found. 

May we all translate this learning into action!


If any of these resources inspire the purchase of books, here’s a list of black-owned independent bookstores.

Resources for white parents on discussing race with children:

Why it’s important to start the conversation at a young age: 

This article is a great dive into the why.

This resource list includes an infographic that has been circulating widely. It’s a powerful illustration of why the conversation must begin at an early age. 

Resources to support the conversation:

Book list for children’s books – the accompanying article is also great.

Interview with Jennifer Harvey, author of Raising White Kids, on talking about race with your children.

Teaching for Change has great resources to support social justice education generally, including multiple book lists. 

Resources on the intersection of climate change, race and justice:

There are many, many pieces out there exploring this intersection. These are my favorites. 

“racism is the root cause of our climate crisis” from This is Zero Hour cofounder Jamie Margolin

“Unequal Impact: The Deep Links Between Racism and Climate Change” – an interview with Elizabeth Yeampierre, co-chair of the Climate Justice Alliance 

“The Inseparable Link Between Climate Change And Racial Justice”

“Environmentalism’s Racist History”

What is Climate Justice?

The Global Justice Ecology Project has the best exploration I’ve found.

Examples of organizations working at the intersection of climate change and justice:

Climate Justice Alliance

Just Transition Alliance

POWER’s (an interfaith organization located in Pennsylvania) Climate Justice Campaign 

Funding project example: The Environmental Justice Giving Project in Seattle, WA

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