Generation on the Edge explores a critical question:

How do we support young people as they prepare for a future with climate change?

This guiding question points us down many roads, roads like how best to talk with young people about the climate crisis, how to truly support young activists, the role of our connection to the natural world, and the importance of emotional intelligence – to name just a few. We consider our guiding question from the perspective of parents, teachers, mentors and more. And we strive to flip the question back at ourselves, understanding that the best route is always the one in which we engage in the quest ourselves, modeling what we are learning and striving to teach, support and cultivate.

Climate change is here. 

While political debates continue on the subject, the science is indisputable. 

This means the children of today will face a future full of uncertainty and challenge, a planet that is changing rapidly, an earth that requires the most conscious of citizenship.

As parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone engaged in the care of children and youth, we have a choice. We can plow forward without thinking about climate change. We can raise our children as if they are growing towards a stable world that will resemble the world of our own childhood.

Or we can engage in a process of consciously raising children such that they will, in turn, be conscious, empowered, joyful and engaged citizens of a world with climate change. We can integrate the reality of that uncertain future into how we interact with children today and the many choices we make as parents. Bit by bit, we can help today‚Äôs young people build a toolkit that will best prepare them for their future. And in the process, we can turn ourselves into conscious, empowered, joyful and engaged citizens, positively shaping that world our children will face. 

We choose the latter path. We believe that consciously parenting children for a world with climate change is among the most important work of our time. It is our gift to the young people of today to not just prepare but empower them in the face of their future, and it is our gift to the Earth. 

Rather than resigning ourselves to the fact that our beloved young people are barrelling towards a tumultuous world and believing that there is little we can do about it, we are asking some big and important questions. What will the children of today need to be happy and healthy in the world of their future? How can we support those qualities in our children? How do we ensure that our children experience joyous, positive, healthy relationships with the world while also learning about climate change? How do we empower young people to make a difference in the face of the climate crisis? And how, in the process of consciously parenting our children for a world with climate change, do we become empowered caregivers who are positively shaping the world while also creating a network of joyous community around the work involved?

The process involves dedication and work, but we have also found it to be incredibly liberating and even joyous. Are you ready to take this journey with us?

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